Top Dive Places in Cozumel

Cozumel is world famous for being one of the best places to go diving! Here we tell you the most incredible dive sites you need to explore on your next adventure:


This reef gets its name from the historic Mayan settlement inland from Cedral Beach. Paso del Cedral rests on 30-60 ft. waters and currents are moderate to strong. This is place is perfect to take photos.

Spectacular swim through and coral mounds with numerous overhangs are home to abundance of spotted drums, barracudas, groupers and green moray eels. 


Is a classic Cozumel wall and one of the most popular first tank dives on the island.

Towering columns of coral are separated by sand, forming canyons that slope to the nearly vertical drop-off into the abbys.


This magnificent wall, slopes gradually between a depth of 40 to 70 ft. and then drops off almost vertically into the abbys. Between the reef plateau and the wall, a coral ridge forms mini wall with lots of overhangs and crevices. 


Is one of Cozumel´s classic wall dives. Colombia is distinctive for its towering pinnacles and sand chutes that pour over the abyss.

Keep one eye on the deep blue for passing pelagic and sea turtles. This superb marine landscape is enhanced by exceptionally beautiful soft coral and sponged of all colors.


Is the northern most reefs of the Palancar Dive Sites. An ideal first wall divers for beginners. It has numerous swin-throughs and excellent coral formations.

A huge brain coral at 50-60 ft. is a landmark feature on the southern most part of the reef and groupers, horse eye hack and parrot fish.

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