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El Cid Resorts Committed with Sustainable Tourism

At El Cid Resorts we pronounce in favor of sustainability, we have the appropriate infrastructure, the necessary technical equipment and the continuous improvement in our operation.

  • The reduction of emissions generated by tourist services is a commitment that El Cid Resorts assumes to face as a conviction for the future of the planet.
  • The innovation, the application of good environmental practices and, overall, continual improvement of its environmental performance, are the foundation to accomplish Net Zero’s goal for 2050: We are ready.

At the Sustainable and Social Tourism Summit, El Cid Resorts along with other resorts and companies in the mexican Caribbean, ratified their adherence to the Glasgow Agreement. In the presence of the World’s Tourism Organization and members of the sector, the companies that signed the Gaslow Agreement are joining the international actions to fight the climate crisis.

As the Glasgow Agreement emerges as an international response to involve the Tourism Industry as a united sector worldwide to reduce the environmental impacts caused by tourism, at El Cid Resorts we are honored to support sustainability actions and to be part of this commitment.

At El Cid Resorts, we are very proud to pronounce in favor of sustainability and join this commitment, since the Glasgow Agreement emerges as an international response to involve the Tourism Industry as a united sector in all the world to reduce the environmental impacts derived from it. The signatory companies commit to implement good practices, innovate technologically and even improve their operations in order to halve the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that the sector produces, by 2030 and reach NET ZERO before 2050.

Where does this initiative come from?

In 2015, the UN gathered at the Framework Convention on Climatic Change, where the Paris Agreement was signed. Back then, the scientific community explained that in order to ensure the world’ biodiversity preservation, meaning life as we know it, it is urgent to stop the planet’s temperature from rising above 1.5°C, based on the planet’s temperature in the pre-industrial era (19th century). This could mitigate the impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems, allowing humanity to conserve nature’s services while keeping our resources for livelihoods, food, water supply and economy moving.

The scientists estimate that in order to reach this goal, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions must decrease by 45% by 2030, and reach Net Zero by 2050.

The Glasgow Agreement was formed last year during the COP 26 summoned by the UN. This international agreement suggests that all members of the tourism sector commit to aligning the climate impact of the Tourism Industry with scientific recommendations and international agreements.

What is the commitment?

  • All the participating businesses of the Glasgow Agreement are committed to present annually their good practices and sustainable action plans, as well as to implementing and keeping them updated.
  • To align these plans with the five pillars of the Declaration: To measure greenhouse gas emissions, to reduce carbon dioxide production, regenerate, collaborate and, if possible, to invest in new projects focused on lowering CO2 emissions, allowing us to accelerate and coordinate the climate action in the tourism sector.
  • Report the progress.
  • To work as a team by sharing the good practices and solutions, and spreading out information to encourage more businesses to join to this worldwide initiative.

Throughout the last 50 years and going back to the beginnings of the company, El Cid Resorts has always been a leader in pioneering and breaking through innovative sustainable implementations like; Solar panel usage, detection, and conservation of new species of flora and fauna within property lands and the process of re-growing and re-planting mangroves. 

At El Cid Resorts, we are ready to take on this commitment to our planet! To overcome this challenge we face as a Planet, we have the appropriate infrastructure, the necessary technical equipment, the continuous improvement in our operation, but most of all, we are sure that we can face this challenge together as one force.

Making a difference is our promise to the planet. 

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