This year marks our golden anniversary.

We proudly opened the doors of the El Cid Resorts experience in 1972 and on this special occasion, we would like to take a moment to reminisce on what is important to our company and to thank you for allowing us to reach this important milestone. 

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Five Decades

of making a difference

These last 50 years have truly been a marvelous journey, where we have been able to build unity, community, and success. Surrounded by a positive and healthy work environment, giving back, investing, and donating to vital ecological and sustainable causes, but also, 50 years of delicious meals, fun activities, rejuvenating relaxation and magical moments.

50 years of being one force

These 50 years would not have been possible without the amazing work of our staff that offers and highlights the El Cid Resorts’ unique, warm and superb service, welcoming all guests and their loved ones into the El Cid family.

We recognize and celebrate those who day by day have dedicated their loyalty, time, effort, and commitment to offering the best services for our company. Thank you for the support and trust that you have placed in us for the past 50 years, you are a fundamental part of our growth. Thank you for being our striving force.

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50 years honoring our word

Thankful for our valued business partners for being more than colleagues, a strong business partnership that keeps on growing into a trusted friendship and union. Thank you for these strong and wonderful years of trusting our word.

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50 years of equal opportunities

We pride ourselves on being a company that strongly believes in validating our employees, always striving to offer equal opportunities to all.

At El Cid Resorts some of the most important and recognized positions in the company are held by women. Key positions like our Chief Information Officer, Financial Controller, Business Intelligence Director, International Sales Director, Groups and Conventions Director, Marketing Manager, Sub-Director of Business Development, and many more are held by empowering and brilliant women.

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Throughout the last 50 years and going back to the beginnings of the company, El Cid Resorts has always been a leader in pioneering and breaking through innovative sustainable implementations like; Solar panel usage, detection, and conservation of new species of flora and fauna within property lands and the process of re-growing and re-planting mangroves. 

Making a difference is our promise to the planet. 

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One of the most important pillars of the company is that of sustainability. A focus in elements and actions that benefit the wellbeing of the planet, its people and Mother Nature has been a goal since the start of the business. 

It is our continuous goal to prioritize and protect all species and the flora and fauna that live within the surrounding nature, preserving the spirit of our company’s beginnings

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Giving back to the environment through various programs implemented in all of our locations like: donations of land, territories, acres and funding; while also offering sustainable and ecofriendly activities and events through the resort for both employees and the public alike. This is a promise El Cid Resorts plans to keep.

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Since 2015, El Cid Resorts has been awarded the important insignia title of being a ¨Sustainable Hotel¨ by the Ministry of Tourism. Only 14 hotels in Mazatlán hold this recognition.

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El Cid Resorts implements the following sustainable actions in all of its resorts. 

- Energy, water, and LP gas efficiency

- Biodegradable, environmental, and sustainable amenities in all rooms

- Glass and plastic recycling

- Implementation of emission guidelines for the reduction of carbon emission

- Compliance with the environmental legislation, and more...                      

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·El Cid Resorts has donated more than 180 hectares in Puerto Morelos for the conservation of the jungle and mangroves.

·Approximately 23 hectares are destined for mangrove conservation, where about 144 species of wildlife such as birds, reptiles, mammals, amphibians, and fish live.

·We have an environmental management unit for the production of native plants, especially mangroves (red, white, black, and buttonwood).

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·The Caribe Paradise Nursery contributes to the continuity of ecological processes and the permanence of the Conservation Area.

·The presence of birds is a biological indicator of ecosystem health and habitat quality.

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·The implementation of restoration mechanisms has made possible the rehabilitation of green and conservation areas.

·Reforestation has contributed to the forest recovery of terrestrial ecosystems.


Long-time employees share what motivates them and make them feel passionate about their job. This is what has kept them going for this impressive number of years.


Today we want to celebrate with you, our extended El Cid Family for 50 years of being friends, being family and together being one force.