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Mazatlán Carnival 2023

Mazatlán Carnival is about to begin. Get to know the events and some recommendations so that this 2023 you can live the city's great celebration to the fullest.

With more than 100 years of tradition, Mazatlán Carnival is one of the three largest in the world where thousands of tourists from all over the world visit us to celebrate during six days throughout the city.

What is Carnival?

In Mazatlán is a celebration held prior to Easter, with 125 years of tradition. It's an event celebrated with the whole family and for many it's a multi-generational tradition.

The contestants for kings and queens are people from the port who seek the dream of representing Mazatlán during this great celebration; they seek to be part of the history of this magical event.

When is Mazatlán Carnival 2023?

This year's Carnival will start on February 16 and will end on February 21. However, you can start to feel the carnival atmosphere weeks before, sculptures called "monigotes" embellish the Malecón and other popular locations. Certainly, strolling along the Malecón during these dates is something unique and magical.


Mazatlan Carnival 2023 Events


January 13- Sharing Carnival Stickers, Valentino’s – 8:00pm

Every year at night in front of Valentinos it rains confetti, music and dances light up the Carnival atmosphere and a fireworks show illuminates the sky, while the candidates for king and queens share Carnival stickers to the passing cars.

January 20- Manifestation, Acuario-Plazuela Republica - 4:00pm

During this event, the candidates for Queen of the Carnival, Queen of the Floral Games , Children's Queen and King of the Carnival starred in a colorful 2.4 kilometer long parade along Mazatlán's boardwalk with approximately 180 cars decorated with their respective colors, dance troupes and musical groups.

Both locals and tourists gathered to enjoy this event, singing,waving to the candidates, supporting their favorite candidates and capturing these incredible moments.

Image: Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán

Image: Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán

January 27- Final count, Plazuela República - 5:00pm

During the final count, the number of votes collected by the contestants for King and Child Queen is added up and the contestants with the highest number of votes are chosen. 


January 28- Queens Election, Angela Peralta Theater - 7:00pm

The candidates for the next carnival's royalty are presented before a jury, where the beautiful candidates participate to win the crowns of Mazatlán's most important festival. 



February 10- Carnival Fair Opening, Sam's - 7:00pm

With over 40 mechanical attractions, the traditional fair of Carnival 2023 will be inaugurated by the authorities and the royal court on February 10, where the Queens and royal princesses will no doubt ride and have fun on the mechanical attractions. 

February 11-Evening of the Arts, Ángela Peralta Theater - 8:00pm

During the evening of the arts is offered an exceptional show where you can enjoy the orchestra's music, classical ballet, singing of guest artists. Undoubtedly an event that you will love.

February 16- King of the Carnival Coronation - 6:00pm

At the "Teodoro Mariscal" Baseball Stadium the crowning of the King of the Carnival will take place, where there will be incredible carnival-themed choreographies, fireworks and live music. This year's guest artist is Eden Muñoz.

February 17- Queen of the Floral Games Coronation, Teodoro Mariscal Stadium - 8:30pm

This year the coronation of the Queen of the Floral Games will have a rock touch, thanks to the presence of the famous singer of "I Will Survive" Gloria Gaynor as guest artist for this great celebration. 

February 18- Queen of the Carnival Coronation, Teodoro Mariscal Stadium - 6:30pm

On this magical night, the atmosphere is full of excitement as it is the coronation of the great Sovereign of this great celebration. The elected Queen will be accompanied by regional mexican music and Banda Sinaloense by the Banda MS.

February 18- Quema del Mal Humor/ Naval Combat, Olas Altas - 11:00pm

The " Quema del mal humor" is a festive and joyful parody in which a sculpture or "monigote" is incinerated, which can represent a character, a virus or a natural disaster. After a parade through the center of the city, the sculpture is burned, ending the bad vibes that this character or event caused, in the Carnival of 2020 the Coronavirus was burned.

Image: Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán

Image: Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán

The Naval Combat begins immediately after “La Quema del Mal Humor”. This event is in commemoration of the defense of the port in 1864, during the war of the French intervention, when a french ship tried to take over the city with cannons. The Naval Combat takes place along the Malecón where some ships anchor in the bay and shoot fireworks at the Malecón, while from the beach fireworks are fired in defense of the city, recreating the battle of 1864.

February 19- First Carnival Parade, Av. del Mar - 5:00pm

The parade starts at “El Monumento al Pescador” and ends at Valentinos. During the parade, the King and Queens ride along the Malecón in their respective allegorical cars accompanied by their royal cortege.

February 20- Children's Dance, Spectaculare - 10:00am

Boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 12 participate in the costume contest of the Children's Ball, in three categories: individual participation, couple and comparsa. The first three places will be awarded.

February 21- Second Carnival Parade, Av. del Mar - 4:00pm

The last Carnival parade starts at the Aquarium and ends at Olas Altas. This parade marks the end of Mazatlan's Carnival 2023.

Mazatlán Carnival is an event that you must experience at least once in your life. We hope this blog will help you plan your carnival agenda and visit us during this magical event.  

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