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Celebrate The Day of the Dead in Mazatlán!

One of our favorite festivities the Day of the Dead, a beautiful and very representative mexican tradition. This is a good time to visit the beautiful port of Mazatlán and learn a little more about our culture and how we celebrate it in Mazatlán.

What is Day of the Dead?

It's a traditional mexican celebration to commemorate the path from life to death in which families gather to greet the souls of their departed loved ones.

The Day of the Dead was declared in 2003 as a Patrimony of Humanity by the UNESCO. During the first and second days of November we honor our dead, the first day we celebrate the visit of the little ones and the second day is for adults. This will vary in each state of the country. If you visit some of our three beach destinations in México, either Mazatlán, the Riviera Maya or Cozumel, you will probably find some differences in the way we celebrate the Day of the Dead.

In México death is celebrated, feared and respected, we laugh of it and with it, with this tradition death doesn't represent absence, instead we celebrate life and the vitality while honoring our departed loved ones, therefore changing the perspective of the day when we have to leave the mortal world. Families honor their dead and welcome their souls with the elaboration of altars decorated with offerings, colorful details, and the favorite mexican dishes of the deceased.

Why to celebrate Day of the Dead in Mazatlán?

One of the most satisfying experiences of traveling is being able to discover new places that beyond standing out for their beautiful natural surroundings, also stand out for their cultural diversity and their traditions.

Landscapes, music, food, traditional costumes and a mexican tradition with Mazatlán's unique charm, you will be delighted with all that this destination and our beachfront resorts in Mazatlán have to offer.

One of the main attractions during this celebration in Mazatlán is the popular Day of the Dead parade, which takes its course from Parque Ciudades Hermanas to Plazuela Machado at 8:00 p.m on November 2nd. Definitively an event you won't want to miss! Music, traditional costumes, culture, party and more.

Day of the Dead at El Cid Resorts.

The Day of the Dead is celebrated every year in Mazatlán, with a lot of joy, colors and enthusiasm that characterizes this beautiful beachfront destination. At El Cid Resorts Mazatlán each year we have an activity program for our guests. For more information about the activities program, contact us at (669) 989 69 69 Ext. 3332 or send us an email to

Every year we elaborate an altar of the dead to honor the souls of the departed, distinguished by the orange colors of the cempasúchil flower, symbol of life and death, exactly what this beautiful tradition represents. Our ancestors associated the yellow color of this flower with the sun, which is why it is used to create a path that illuminates and guides the souls of the dead to their altars.

One of Day of the Dead activities at El Cid Resorts in Mazatlán is the candle lighting of the altar, an activity that our guests are invited to enjoy and a must-do!

We also offer activities for the little ones at our Kids Club where they can dress up as "catrines" and "catrinas", as well as write "calaveritas" poems, a fun activity that soaks them in culture and encourages their creativity.

We teach you how to prepare a typical dessert of this tradition, called " pan de muerto" (bread of the dead).

We have a special performance at the resort for Day of the Dead, where you will be able to witness dance, music, traditional costumes and much more. A not-to-be missed event.

Visit Mazatlán, México during this magical holiday and live this beautiful mexican tradition with El Cid Resorts.

**These activities are subject to change, we recommend you contact us at our customer service at (669) 989 69 69 Ext. 3332 to verify the activity program.

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