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From the Basin to the Reef

El Cid Marina contributes to preserving the Great Mesoamerican Reef by participating in “From the Basin to the Reef” (MAR2R) an international vision of reef conservancy.

Last March, El Cid Resorts Riviera Maya received the Executive Secretary of the Central American Commission for Environment and Development, Jair Urriola Quiróz, with the Central American Tourism Integration Secretariat, Ilka Isela Aguilar Velle, the Regional Director of the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP) from the Yucatan Peninsula and the Mexican Caribbean, Fernando Orozco, as well as the Regional Director of the same unit, with the company of Vicente Ferreyra from Sustentur and Gonzalo Meredíz, Executive Director of Amigos de Siaan K’aan in order to carry out an inspection and corroborate the results of the participation of the El Cid Marina, in the international project called “From the Basin to the Reef” ( MAR2R).

According to Biologist Lorena Avilés, who is responsible for the environmental impact and wildlife of the El Cid Resorts Department of Environment, “the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), from the point of view of business, encompass an ethical, comprehensive and strategic commitment related to the efficiency of long-term operations. Aligning the El Cid Resorts to the SDG’s is an opportunity with an inspiring visit. This visit is a recognition of all those who believe in the value of innovating in terms of sustainable solutions, and who thereby achieve the positive differentiator of preference of products and services of the El Cid Resorts”, she said.

About “From the Basin to the Reef” (MAR2R) Project

“From the Basin to the Reef (MAR2R)” is an important international effort, focused on protecting the coral reefs’ health in Central America Coasts linking four countries, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, and México, unified by their geography and their coasts by the Mesoamerican Reef System Ecoregion. In this case, El Cid Resorts Riviera Maya had the honor of participating through El Cid Marina led by Manuel Estrella, located in Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo.

At El Cid Resorts Riviera Maya, we strive every day to promote upright environmental practices, aligned with national and international regulations and the SDGs of the 2030 agenda, but above all, for the commitment to creating awareness about the environment.

Participating in projects like this, allow us to professionalize our good practices and promote innovation in environmental matters. Last fall El Cid Resorts Riviera Maya, accepted the invitation from the Nautical Association to participate in the project called, Integrated Management of the Mesoamerican Reef Ecoregion Reef Basin (MAR2R).

The ecoregion stands out because it covers more than 1,000 kilometers of coastline and an area of ​​464,263 km2 of ocean, coasts, and basins. It is home to 65 species of coral, 350 species of mollusks, and 500 species of fish, in addition to generating large economic resources, and sustaining more than 12 million people who live along the coast and the islands.

Our Commitment

We know and understand the vulnerability and fragility of the territory of Quintana Roo and are sensitive to the great value of its natural and cultural wealth, for this reason we seek to contribute to the conservation of the environment, especially in the community where we are located, Puerto Morelos”, comments Mr. Héctor López Turcios, General Director of El Cid Resorts Riviera Maya.

Good Environmental Practices, especially the ones that El Cid Marina runs, were evaluated based on the 17 sustainable development goals. With this we can find new opportunity areas in order to improve and sustain over time”, explained Biologist Horacio Ocampo, Environmental Director of El Cid Resorts.

For El Cid Resorts, sustainability is a conviction that grows with our daily actions, and the commitment, effort, and work of our entire team. We recognize them, particularly the “Guardians of the Reef Team”, who have managed El Cid Marina as one of the best in México, and consolidated like sustainable entrepreneurship.

 “From the Basin to the Reef” has allowed us to evaluate the good environmental practices of El Cid Marina in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals, achieving a very good result and level, with this, it seeks to favor the conditions for the conservation of the reefs, a fundamental ecosystem to maintain the balance in the oceans”, concluded Biologist Avilés.

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