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Why to Choose an Eco-Friendly Hotel?

Did you know that according to 68% of tourists prefer to book an eco-friendly resort?

Travelers nowadays want to contribute with the planet by choosing hotels that offer the best vacations experiences but at the same time do processes and actions to be greener.

Here are some of the actions that this hotel chain in México does: 

  • Linen and towel re-use, recycling, on-site composting and reducing energy
  • “Tree and plant” rescue program where, anywhere El Cid builds, they replant anything that has been removed
  • Composting
  • Glass and plastic recycling
  • Complete reduction of drink cans
  • Amenities of rooms are biodegradable, environmental and sustainable
  • Beach cleanup campaigns
  • Plant Nursery
  • Sea Turtle Conservation Program
  • Donation of 180 hectares for pure conservation and more!

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