El Cid Resorts is truly committed to improving the environment, thus we have implemented several practices and policies that contribute to the preservation of the flora and fauna and to reduce the negative impact, resulting in a better quality of life. 

Here we present some of the actions that we, along with the help of the government, our valuable employees and guests are carrying out:


Green Icons Linens Recycling
Green Icons Composting
Green Icons Energy Saving
Green Icons Glass and plastic recycling
Green Icons Complete reduction of drink cans
Green Icons The amenities of our rooms are biodegradable, environmental and sustainable
Green Icons

We have reduced by 70% of the bottled water consumption

80% of our disposable cups were replaced by reusable cups
Green Icons Waste sorting
Reuse of soap not used by our guests, for laundry purposes
Green Icons Installation of drinking fountains to avoid the use of bottled water
Green Icons We are working in creating a market garden and a nursery for a reforestation campaign
Green Icons Beach cleanup campaigns by staff and guest of El Cid


Green Icons Sea turtles are endangered species facing, mainly, trash left on the beach and on the riverbeds that are later washes to the sea. All of these factors represent obstacles for the turtles to overcome and to grow into adulthood.
Green Icons El Cid Resorts is aware of the hard situation and importance to promote the conservation of sea turtles, that’s why guests at any of the El Cid hotels in Mazatlán can be involved in helping the sea turtle conservation team led by El Cid and the Mazatlán Aquarium.
Green Icons El Cid Castilla Beach Hotel is the location for this activity. Efforts made by El Cid and the Mazatlán Aquarium have increased the survival rate of this endangered species by 900%, where vacationists and locals have liberated 384,000 turtles.



El Cid Resorts Recycling 2019

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