El Cid Foundation Improves Community Life

Across México, the El Cid Foundation assists employees and their families in need.

Mazatlán, MéxicoEl Cid Resorts has been a support in several communities across México for decades. As many guests know, part of what makes a wonderful vacation is the service experienced while staying at an El Cid hotel. The valuable team members at El Cid, are what make these positive guest experiences possible year after year. In their honor, the El Cid Foundation was created with the purpose to help improve the communities and the quality of life of those that call them their full time home. From Mazatlán, Cancún/Riviera Maya and Cozumel, the employees give so much to El Cid, and work so hard to make sure all guests are happy and create amazing vacation memories.

The goal of the foundation is to help provide support to El Cid employees and their families. The foundation is maintained by the generosity of guests, who can choose to make a special donation upon checkout or a $1 per day donation, which is added to their bill. Also, the water and coffee, which is placed daily in each room, has a charge, all 100% donated to the El Cid Foundation. Every penny donated goes directly towards helping causes and improving the community and environment.

Here are the main ways these donations are put to action:

Five reasons to donate 1 dollar

  1. Health: We support children with disabilities and cancer, we offer free vaccination campaigns and pay for medical treatments.
  2. Loans: We provide economic resources for creating micro business.
  3. Education: Aware that education is one of the factors that most influences the progress of people and societies, we have built Primary Education Schools; we support children, youth and adults with scholarships to study at all levels.
  4. Housing: We improve the homes of families by building decent spaces to live.
  5. NGO´s: Non-governmental and non-profit organizations receive our donations. Institutions such as the Red Cross, shelters, hospitals and communities affected by natural disasters.

One dollar changes the future! By joining forces we can have the satisfaction of having contributed to create a more dignified and healthy world of all.

Guests can learn more about how they can donate or get involved directly by visiting the website. A small donation can go a long way, in improving the lives and wellbeing of those who help make fabulous El Cid vacations a reality.

For more information, please visit: www.elcid.com

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