Ventus at Marina El Cid Spa & Beach Resort - Kid's Club


If you are looking for some fun and adventures for your children, our Kid's Club is your ideal spot while staying in our resort. We have plenty of safe recreational activities and crafts inside and outside the club like the pool and the beach.

A Person Sitting On Top Of A Sandy BeachA Woman In A Blue Pool Of Water

  • HoursEvery day from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm                                                      
  • Ages: 4-12 years


  • No child will be allowed to leave on their own if their parents have not authorized it (on the registration sheet it is shown whether or not they can leave the Kid's Club alone).
  • Children should not carry jewelry, chains, or valuables that they can lose.
  • Children who cannot swim should bring their own floats.
  • Children should bring their towels and sunscreen.
  • Any illness, allergy, or special condition must be notified to the Kid's Club staff.
  • The hotel will not be responsible for the loss of any personal object left in the Kid's Club.
  • The activity program may change without prior notice due to weather conditions, the number of children, etc.

A Room Filled With Furniture And A Large WindowA Room Filled With Furniture And A Table

Terms and conditions: The Kid's Club is not a daycare, we do not receive children who do not want to be in the club or children who cannot get along with others. Parents must be inside the resort for safety. (It is only allowed to receive them if parents go on the Bike Tour). Children should be able to go to the bathroom by themselves. Swearing, fighting, and misbehaving is not allowed.