The City of Mazatlán - Candidate for Unesco Creative Cities

Mazatlán, México. August 10, 2018 - For those that live in, or have been vacationing in Mazatlán for years, are not shocked by the news that the city is being recognized for its gastronomy. With over 300 restaurants, ranging from fine dining establishments, to casual and authentic eateries, the food scene is not lacking in variety. Between the restaurants located within hotels and resorts, or family owned and chef run restaurants in the Historic center, there is always something new to sample. Mazatlán has many culinary influences, from French, German, Italian all fused with Mexican spices and ingredients. Being on the Pacific coast, with waters that are very rich with many species of fish, locally sourced seafood is often the star of many dishes.

One of the elements taken into account when El Cid built and continues to build and enhance their hotels and resorts in Mazatlán is including all of these cultures in their luxury resort properties for guests to experience. Everyone has different tastes, and their favorites dishes. Aside from the attention to detail the chefs provide to the food served, the ambiance is also an important part of making a dining experience truly special. Enjoying a stunning view while sampling local seafood, like a Mazatlán favorite aguachile or ceviche, or perhaps a relaxing peaceful environment to enjoy sushi, or a fine steak and bottle of wine. El Cid boasts over 10 restaurants, spread between their resorts in Mazatlán for guests to enjoy and sample the creations of local chefs who have embraced and helped put this destination on the map and in the running for this UNESCO designation.

UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization is of course well-known for their world heritage site designations and recognizing truly cultural and historic cities and towns throughout the world. There are six cities in México that have already received an UNESCO distinction and Mazatlán looks to become the seventh in the gastronomy category.

The voting and announcement will not be complete until October 2019. The UNESCO creative Cities Network was created in 2004 and now has 180 cities in 72 countries on its lists in different categories. The goal is to help promote these destinations and cities and showcase some of the trusts representations of their culture for travelers to experience and enjoy. For those looking to experience the culinary wonders of Mazatlán, check out El Cid Resorts website and plan your gastronomy tour today!

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