Mazatlán - Renovations for Tianguis Turístico México 2018

Mazatlán, México. August 25, 2017 - Mazatlán will welcome the Tianguis Turístico México 2018 (from April 16-19) with substantial tourism and infrastructure investment totaling $400 million USD, an unprecedented expenditure for one of the most important tourist destinations in the northwest area of México. The destination is also welcoming a significant increase in air connectivity from key American and Canadian markets.

These new investments funded by both local and federal governments, and in some cases, with participation of the private sector, include embellishment of the picturesque streets of the Historic District, which will be contstructed with a classic ruby hued stone laid in an artistic arched design; expansion of the sidewalks, pipe replacement, renovation of the area lighting system installing vintage lamps reminiscent of the era of the 1800s; and reforestation of the area with native species of trees.

In a similar manner, the restoration of Olas Altas Drive is currently in the works. This area was the featured attraction of Mazatlán during the tourist boom of the 60's and 70's, where Hollywood celebrities such as John Wayne and Bob Dylan relaxed at the historic Belmar and Freeman hotels after working on movie sets that were taking place in neighboring Durango. This exciting effort aims to re-energize the life of this area in concert with the Historic District of Mazatlán, where other iconic places such as the “Copa de Leche” Restaurant will thrive as part of the original landscape of Olas Altas. This area is also undertaking the restoration of the beautiful boardwalk called the Malecón that runs along this scenic avenue on the beach.

As part of its initiative to host Tianguis Turístico México 2018, the Mazatlán International Center located in New Mazatlán, will inaugurate its newly added expo area of 160,000+ square feet, with the most advanced technology in lighting, sound and web connectivity and a business center along with convenient parking. According to meeting planners who have managed their events and conferences in this expansive, full service convention center, they agree wholeheartedly that it is the most modern venue of all tourist destinations in México. The Center can host conventions and events of up to 8,000 attendees. With this expanded space and functionality being introduced in the Center, Mazatlán will become one of the leading choices for expo business for both nationally and internationally.

Additional improvements and renovations in Mazatlán also include the construction of the new Mazatlán Aquarium within the Central Park project, the remodeling of the Mazatlán Lighthouse and the construction of the Sister Cities square. As well, the restoration work at North Beach and in the Golden Zone, the construction of the final stage of the airport turnpike, the construction of the new soccer stadium and the refurbishing of the baseball stadium are in planning stages or already in progress. In tandem with these investments, Mazatlán is committing a significant amount of funds for tourism promotion that is unprecedented.

The restoration and new build work throughout Mazatlán has already attracted the attention of investors and it is estimated that in the next three years there will be construction of hotel development, condominiums, restaurants, entertainment parks and shopping centers that will result in investment of more than $1.5 billion USD.

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