El Cid Resorts - Conservation and Eco-Friendly Practices

Mazatlán, México. July 7, 2018 – Across México, El Cid Resorts have been a staple in communities for over four decades. Providing luxurious vacation options and amenities for guests, and creating employment for thousands of families, El Cid has played and continues to play a major role in the lives of many. One of the major points of focus at El Cid is conservation and placing eco-friendly practices into action at all of the resorts and hotels. One of the core beliefs at El Cid is to help conserve and maintain the environment, so future generations of both vacationers and employees can enjoy and benefit from the hotels and resorts for decades to come. Several of the “Go-Green” or Eco-Friendly practices have been initiated; employees and many guests even get involved with helping conserve and protect the environment.

Here are just a few of the Eco-Friendly practices El Cid Resorts employ across México at their hotels and resorts to help sustainability and conservation.

  • Housekeeping practices have been updated to help reduce the amount of towel and linen washes. These changes, and others like it, have helped El Cid Resorts earn the Green Leaders certification awarded by Trip Advisor, while several El Cid hotels and Resorts have earned Trip Advisor Travelers Choice Awards. Not only does this help the environment but still place a major focus on quality and comfort.
  • In Mazatlán, Tesla chose El Cid as the first destination charging station for their environmentally friendly electric automobiles.
  • Classes are held with University students on the importance of conservation, especially related to plants and animals indigenous to the regions.
  • The newest resort in the Riviera Maya, Ventus at Marina El Cid Spa and Beach Resort only occupies 26% of the land on which it is built. The other 74% will remain untouched and protected as a wildlife conservation area.
  • On both the Pacific coast and the Riviera Maya at El Cid Resorts, endangered plant species are protected and preserved. Compost and organic waste are also used to grow plants and help keep the onsite gardens looking beautiful.

Aside from the on-site practices of the hotel and resort staff, there are several ways guests can get involved with conservation efforts as well while on vacation at an El Cid resort. El Cid Resorts’ flagship resort in Mazatlán, El Cid Marina Beach Hotel, has been recognized by the México Ministry of Tourism with the highest certification of sustainability implemented by PROFEPA, México’s Federal Environmental Agency. One of the main reasons for this is the wildlife protection program in place at El Cid, which has become an integral part of the group for years. One of the ways visitors can get involved and enjoy a special experience is assisting in the rescue, and release of certain protected turtle species. Guests can check with the concierge on scheduled release times during their visit.

Most of the Sea turtle species that nest on the beaches in México are endangered and protected. The sea turtles return to the same beaches annually to nest, so conservation is vital. If these beaches are destroyed or not maintained, it disrupts the turtles natural nesting patterns, making it harder for the species to flourish. From May through September, the turtle's nest and in the late summer through early winter months; visitors can assist with the turtle release program.

The commitment to the environment and conservation is something that has become a part of the daily operation at El Cid Resorts. As time goes on, new innovative techniques may be added to help remain one of the most eco-friendly resort groups in México, so that the resorts and destinations can be enjoyed for generations to come.

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