Hygiene and Disinfection Protocols


The health and safety of our guests and collaborators is of utmost importance. We have always been proactive in terms of prevention and control measures, to ensure that our guests' stay is an unforgettable experience.

We are aware of the importance in the prevention and control of this disease, and both the government and El Cid Resorts, we are following all prevention protocols such as:

  • Real-time monitoring of all international communications and recommendations from WHO, CDC and the Mexican Ministry of Health.
  • Frequent washing and disinfection of hands by all our collaborators.
  • Control of any case of respiratory disease.
  • We have decided to increase our standards of disinfection and sanitization of rooms and public areas of the hotel using chlorine to 1000 ppm and disinfectants that have proven effective in similar cases, all based on data from certified and approved technical sheets.
  • Furniture with soft surfaces such as sofas, mattresses and cushions are cleaned and disinfected using chlorinated steam.
  • Briefings are held daily with employees to make them aware of the importance of reinforcing all hygiene measures.
  • There are hand sanitizers located in all areas of the hotel within the reach of all our guests, and in operational areas of the hotel we have properly supplied hand washing stations to guarantee efficient hand washing.
  • Surfaces like reception, restaurant counters, and dining tables are cleaned frequently with disinfectant.
  • The buffet utensils (tongs, spoons, trays) will be renewed every 30 minutes and will be washed using heat and iodine.
  • The pools are dosed (Chlorine) according to NOM-245-SSA1-2010 of the Ministry of Health of Mexico.
  • The entire water supply of the hotels have chlorination systems to ensure the quality and disinfection of water, complying with the provisions of the Modification to the official Mexican standard NOM-127-SSA1-1994.
  • Proper procedures are posted in all hotel work areas.
  • We have a 24-hour professional medical service on the premises, who are aware of the situation and know how to act in the event of having a patient with symptoms of respiratory disease within our hotels.

At El Cid Resorts, we have hygiene certifications and procedures such as:

  • Mattress disinfection certificate.
  • Badge H (Ministry of Health Mexico) in all our consumption centers.
  • Cristal Badge (Check Safety First), which performs constant audits in areas of the hotel such as:

Rooms: disinfecting areas of direct contact with guests such as telephone, WC, shower floor, fridge bar handle, front door handle, television remote control, room glasses. Sheets, pillows and all bedding are also carefully checked.

Pools: Making sure that the levels of chlorine and PH are always within the standards established by the Ministry of Health.

Restaurants: Reviewing in detail facilities, food temperatures in the buffets, procedures of our collaborators, both waiters and cooks.

Kitchens: The temperatures of both the cooling chambers and hot foods are reviewed, all hygiene procedures by our collaborators and suppliers.

Public areas: Taking constant tours to make sure that all areas are clean, and constantly disinfecting contact areas for guests and collaborators. In public areas, bathrooms, cleaning and disinfection processes are increased in areas of greater contact (W.C., Sinks and Diaper changers).

We are sure that following these procedures we will offer tranquility to our guests and a vacation that becomes a pleasant experience for everyone.