Hotel Marina El Cid Spa & Beach Resort - El Cocay Spa

Rejuvenate and sooth at the best of the Riviera Maya Spa Resorts

Discover a sanctuary to awaken your senses and restore your energy at our Spa.


Whether you want to soothe your sore muscles, offload some stress or luxuriate in a sense of solitude and serenity, we offer you many options. Surrender yourself to an artful blend of seaside elegance and pampering treatments drawn from ancient healing rituals.

  • Deep, penetrating hot-stone massages
  • Revitalizing facials
  • Herbal wraps
  • Revitalizing Ba’ate’el Eagle Warrior Massage
  • Ts’aak Therapeutic Massage
  • Four-hand Kukulkan Body Massage
  • Temazcal – A Mayan inspired steam bath experience
  • Traditional healing remedies & massage techniques
  • One of a kind Mayan specialty treatment
  • Hydrotherapy facilities
  • Zen garden and meditation areas
  • Massage cabins
  • Steam room and sauna
  • Yoga and Tai-Chi instruction
  • Hair and nail salon
  • Boutique featuring native Maya handcrafts

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Puuch – Kaal (25 min.) $115 USD

Treatment designed to release the muscular tension on the upper back, combined with a specially formulated oil to relieve tension even the deeper muscles.
Ook t´oon (25 min.) $115 USD
Massage that concentrates entirely on the lower body, it’s a wonderful way to ease tensions and muscle discomforts, improving blood circulation.
Na´luum (50 min.) $197 USD
Traditional Mayan full body massage, that relaxes the body and nourishes the skin, the ritual is performed with mother earth clays that relax and yet, cleanse up the body by absorbing the free radicals on the skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and completely renewed.
Ba´ate´el eagle warrior (50 min.) $205 USD
Deep tissue massage that alleviates muscle soreness, perfect after a day of sports or strenuous activity, this treatment will stimulate circulation and release the toxins trapped within your body.
Tuunich (80 min.) $239 USD
Based on Mayan beliefs that stones could be used to restore vitality, this massage utilizes warm stones combined with special oils. We’ll also introduce acupressure techniques to help you feel relaxed and refreshed.
Ts´aak (80 min.) $239 USD
Superb aroma therapeutic massage that balances, detoxifies, relaxes, and revitalizes the body, mind, and soul. The combination of different techniques as pressure points, stretching and the long strokes of Mayan massage will take you to a new level of relaxation.
Kinich Ahau (80 min.) $255 USD
Warm pillows filled with seeds make for an unforgettable massage. Enjoy a different treatment with a deep tissue massage and warm oils, feel healthy and relaxed.
Ook (50 min.) $187 USD

A blend of natural herbs and salts are used in ancient Mayan techniques to revive tired feet and to give you total wellness, this healing treatment focuses on reflex points that correspond to the body’s internal organs promoting an overall sense of well-being.


Páak´am body wrap (50 min.) $149 USD
(Chamomile and aloe vera) 
The ideal treatment for over-exposed, sunburned, and sun-sensitive skin. This hydrating and repairing wrap has the unique ability to promptly cool, calm, and relieves your skin´s burning and stinging sensations by decreasing skin temperature and immediately desensitizing.

Kaab body wrap (50 min.) $183 USD
(Yogurt and honey)
Combining the tropical extracts of honey, this wrap is rich in malic, tartaric, and citric acids, potassium, calcium, linoleic acid and infused with the repairing power of vitamin C, as the creamy yogurt is applied to the skin, it prompts the quick and deep absorption of potent rejuvenating ingredients.

Malintzin Body Wrap (80 min.) $264 USD
(Red thermal mud) 
Helps to restore and oxygenate your skin, combined with the red wine and the warmth of a hot tub. As the healing and nourishing ingredients seep in every inch of your skin it relieves and renews, resulting in a fatigue-free skin, complemented with the smoothness and softness of the aromatic massage cream.

Xtabay Body Wrap (50 min.) $229 USD
From the Mayan wisdom, this superb blend of herbal ingredients decongests, detoxify, nourishes, and helps to regenerate the skin, bringing balance to your mind, spirit and complete wellness to your body and an unforgettable experience.

K´akaw The Luxe Chocolate Body Wrap – Deluxe (50 min.) $205 USD
This wrap will provide you with an added mood-boosting benefit by stimulating endorphins known as, “happiness molecules”. This unique treatment contains caffeine and cocoa which promotes an anti-cellulite effect by draining fats retained in the body.

4 Elements Sensual & Care Immersion (80 min.) $229 USD
(Renewal & Balance Treatment)
Excellent and sensual “experience” renews and beautifies the skin and body while re-harmonizing the senses. In this treatment, the unique combination of sea salt and virgin salt d´Est Trenc mixed with Baobab seed oil prepares the skin for a hot stone ritual that will take you to a deep state of relaxation. It is a luxury body treatment to purify your body and your mind.


So´ol body scrub (25 min.) $75 USD
(Crystallized honey)
Exclusive body treatment that nourishes and rejuvenates. Guests are transported to a sublime Caribbean oasis, where their senses are gently awakened and phenomenal visible results are obtained. The skin emerges revived, refreshed, smoother, firmer, and vividly brighter.

Jets´óol body scrub (50 min.) $98 USD
Marine minerals combined with lavender and chamomile essential oils. Is the perfect formula, scrubbed all over the body, impurities and toxins are gently exfoliated. The silky texture and enticing aroma inspire our guests to relax.

Pakal Emperor (50 min.) $116 USD
(Bath and body scrub)
The ancient Mayans used to clean the body with a secret recipe where natural marine salts and mother earth fruits were mixed to help their healing rituals and in their offerings to their gods. Enjoy this majestic treatment with organic oils enriched with calming and muscular decontracting ingredients from this generous land.


Ooot´- ki´ichpan (25 min.) $121 USD
(Refreshing facial) 
Let yourself be pampered with a wonderful feeling of relaxation that it initiates with an acupressure massage, followed by the application of products that hydrate your skin and the warmth of our expert hands that will fill your skin with well-being.

Xtabay facial (50 min.) $166 USD
(Hydrating CO2 facial)
The skin’s ability to absorb this product makes this highly moisturizing treatment effective. It unifies the skin tone, improves elasticity and regeneration capabilities, provides anti-inflammatory protection, and stimulates the production of collagen.

Alaghom – Naom facial (80 min.) $177 USD
(The luxe platinum)
The combination of different components such as Panax ginseng and cordyceps extract provides a unique rejuvenating activity that enhances elasticity, provides immediate lifting, improves tissue oxygenation, reduces sagging skin, restores structure and mineral balance, moisturizes and activates the metabolism, improves microcirculation, reduces redness and evens the skin tone for a “glamorous look.”

Lool ha Platinum Facial (80 min.) $229 USD
(Lifting facial) 
In this treatment, a lifting effect is achieved to overcome surface tension formed by the high-molecular hyaluronic acid found in most beauty products, as well as other products. Serums from the BioPure line remedy the deficiencies of epidermal lamellae. This action helps to form lift vectors in the stratum granuloma of the epidermis. The restored structure of the inner cells ensures a long-lasting lift effect.

Luuk´ facial (80 min.) $210 USD 
(Deep cleansing) 
Properly address teen, dry, sensitive and combination skin, truly effective and unlike any other teen products, all skin types are a unique concept that deeply hydrates. This treatment will leave your skin with a wonderful sensation.

Xlib facial (80 min.) $183 USD
(Only for men)
Specifically formulated for men´s skin, a unique combination of ingredients with the latest technology on skin rejuvenation that purify, hydrate, and revitalize to deliver an evident relaxation and smoothness of harsh wrinkles, expedited absorbency of all actives for tightening benefits, delivering rejuvenating results.


(5 to 12 years old)

Physical contact and tenderness from premature age are absolutely vital to the process of growth and self-knowledge of children, feeling the comforting sensation of being taken care of and being pampered doesn’t have an age limit. El Cocay Spa takes the needs of our smaller customers very seriously.

Pakal prince (50 min.) $132 USD
A different massage where peace and tranquility play an important role, the aromas of oils such as lavender and bergamot will make the perfect combination to relax the stressed young muscles.

Sweet fruits (50 min.) $132 USD
A fun massage to awaken our senses, enjoy a massage with warm fruits oil and delicious ice cream afterward to make this massage an unforgettable experience.

Ix-U Mayan facial (25 min.) $96 USD
Inspired on little Mayan Moon Princess soft skin. Enjoy the aroma of strawberries and kiwi in a wonderful facial where your senses will revitalize.

Kinich ritual (90 min.) $184 USD
(Queen of flowers)
A ritual of beauty for a young queen, manicure and pedicure spa, a relaxing exfoliation followed by a soft massage, and the warmth of an aromatic mask of strawberries on her hands and feet. Includes also half head braids and light makeup.