Hotel Marina El Cid Spa & Beach Resort - Spa & Fitness

The unique, El Cocay Spa in Puerto Morelos takes its inspiration from the firefly. According to Mayan legend, el cocay, or the firefly, saw a spark of light that illuminated its path to the green healing stone. A beloved healer, who cured through the powers of thought, word and touch, had lost the precious stone.

The beachfront, 13,000 square-foot El Cocay Spa in Riviera Maya restores the ancient traditions, rejuvenating guests through a balance of mind, body and spirit. Here, guests take in calming views of the Caribbean Sea, while indulging in traditional healing remedies and massage techniques based on Mayan legends. Specially trained therapists select herbs, fruits, seeds, flowers and other natural ingredients for oils and lotions that foster a lingering sense of peace and well-being.

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