Hotel Accessibility

El Cid La Ceiba Beach Hotel


At El Cid La Ceiba Beach Hotel we are commited to provide a comfortable and safe stay to all of our guests.




Stepless entrance: ✔ Number of accessible rooms: 2 Bathroom door width (in): 25.59 inches
Alternative accessible entrance to the hotel: ✔ Stepless access to the room: ✔ Bath height (in): 81.49 inches
Entrance door size (in): 61.81 inches Interconnected room with the accessible room:  ✔ Stepless access to the bathroom: ✔
Wheelchair available for loan: ✔ Room door suitable for disabled: ✔ Fixed safety grab bars in the bathroom: ✔
Baby changer: ✔ Room door width (in): 31.49 inches Handtrails at the inner door: ✔
Elevator: ✔ Security lock door at accessible height: ✔ Adjustable height of the shower head: ✔
Engraved and tactile braille elevator buttons: ✔ Telephone accessible from the bed: ✔ Grab bars: ✔
Size of the elevator door (in): 31.10 inches Light switch accessible from the bed: ✔ Empty space under the sink: ✔
Size of the elevator’s inside (in): 53.93 inches TV remote control accessible from the bed: ✔ Mirror located at a lower height: ✔
Depth of the elevator’s interior (in): 33.07 inches Mini fridge available in the room: ✔ Lever taps: ✔
Trained staff to attend guests with disabilities ✔ Subtitle option available on TV: ✔ Electric plugs suitable for handicap in the bathroom: ✔
Pool suitable for handicap: ✔ Larger space next to the bed (in): 77.95 inches
Parking spaces suitable for handicap: ✔ Bed height from the floor to the top of the mattress (in): 26.37 inches
Accessible routes through the common areas: ✔ Space under the bed: ✔
Spa suitable for haandicap: ✔ Height of the space under the bed (in) 6.29 inches
Seats suitable for the handicap in common areas: ✔ Electric plugs suitable for handicap in the room: ✔
Toilets suitable for handicap people in common areas: ✔

Legal Notice

All the information contained in this section is based on the features and characteristics at the moment of beign created. We kindly ask you to confirm that all these elements and functionality is available before you make your reservation.

Phone Number: 1888-217-1183