El Cid Foundation

Established in1998, El Cid Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to strengthening and improving the welfare and quality of life for all who work for the El Cid Group including their families, the community and the environment in which we live in.

Fundamental principles:

  • Improve the quality of life for El Cid employees and their families, primarily in the areas of health, education and housing.
  • Promote environmental education and conservation of our environment to reduce pollution and protect our natural resources.
  • Support non-profit institutions and non-governmental organizations that are committed to social welfare projects.
  • Promote, advise, and support the development of small family businesses to increase their household production.

Support offered to employees:

  • Payment of the annual registration fee for one child of every employee, who is in elementary school, middle school or high school. We also provide a stipend to help pay for uniform fees and school supplies.
  • 50% discount on medical tests.
  • Provide literacy programs for employee, their spouses and children.
  • Loans for employees earning a low salary.
  • Providing employees with out-of-service hotel furniture and items at affordable prices.
  • Festivities for our employees' children, throughout the year.
  • Support and guidance for those in need of childcare.
  • Guidance for those in need of medical assistance.
  • IHome improvement program.

One of the many ways the foundation is supported is through proceeds from in-room bottled water (15 MXN) and in-room coffee (15 MXN) which are donated to the El Cid Foundation.