Culinary Experiences at El Cid Resorts

Passion for Gastronomy

El Cid Resorts, in addition to amazing vacation experiences, offers a wide variety of dining options to satisfy each one of our guests in a unique way, creating moments that will remain in their memory and palate.

Because we know that it is not only about good taste and quality food that differentiates us from the rest, but to achieve the perfect synergy between ingredients of the highest quality, adequate temperatures to preserve nutrients and flavors but, above all, to transmit our passion and love for cooking in one bite.


Traveling and knowing new places is amazing! Immerse yourself in the local culture, its ideology, its customs; the colors in its streets, the friendly gestures of its inhabitants, the aromas that come to us through our walks and the music that surrounds us at every step is what creates unforgettable experiences and memories.

But how do you really know a place?

Through the food. Yes!

Exploring a city or a small town through food, allows us to really get close to the local soul in every bite, sometimes transporting us to ancient times or, even to places outside the continent, to oceans away.

And although it is not only the choice of ingredients, or the mixture of flavors, the amount of herbs, the combination of textures and the right temperature make it a unique dish, but the atmosphere that accompanies the experience, the place, its sounds , its lighting, its people.


With a privileged location and, rightly called the "Pearl of the Pacific", Mazatlán offers more than warm waters, sunny beaches and friendly people. This cozy city is a thriving seaport with great fishing activity, which is why Mazatlan is “The Wolrd Capital of Shrimp”.

As if that were not enough, this city is also rich in agriculture, producing almost 30% of the vegetables and legumes consumed in Mexico, which always guarantees fresh produce wherever you go from this charming place.

Along the coastal zone and the Golden Zone, you will find dozens of local restaurants offering typical delicacies from the region, to bistros inspired by European cuisine, led by renowned chefs with international experience.


In Mazatlán, the shrimp is available year-round and you will see it available in all sizes. The locals prepare it in many different ways and as a star of infinity of dishes. Simply walk through the Golden Zone to find multiple restaurants that offer fresh ceviches and shrimp stews or shop around the beautiful Historic Center, on whose cobbled streets and between colonial facades,  you'll find culinary jewels worthy of being discovered every night.

Now, if you want to buy this delicacy directly from the sea, you can go to the beach where you will find fishermen from sunrise to sunset, fishing with nets woven by them, using ancient techniques preserved from generation to generation.


The Pino Suarez Market is located in the city center and this year marks 120 years of having its doors open to Mazatlecos and visitors, housing more than 100 vendors who, daily offer the freshest products, from fruits and vegetables, Meat, crafts, clothing and a food area.

The Market was built in iron and steel, based on the Art Nouveau style, the same technique that was used for the construction of the Eiffel Tower seven years before. To this day, the Pino Suarez Market remains one of the main commercial points of the city thanks to its privileged location and more than a century of history and tradition.

Exotic Food and Drinks

Seafood Market

Join us every Monday at La Concha Restaurant, located at El Cid El Moro Beach. 

Saldas bar, soup, main dish, dessert buffet and National open bar for only $490 MXN!

For more information call 669.989.69.69 Ext. 3561 and 3210

shish kebab

Shish Kebab Night

You can't miss our Shish Kebab Night every Wednesday at La Concha Restaurant, located inside El Cid El Moro Beach.

Saldas bar, soup, main dish, dessert buffet and National open bar for only $450 MXN!

bbq ribs

BBQ Night

Come at La Concha Restaurant, located al El Cid El Moro Beach and join us every Friday at our Barbecue Night where you will find: antipasto buffet, options from the grill that goes from chicken to New York steak or T-Bone, plus our famous Dessert Bar! For only $450 MXN!

For more information call 669.989.69.69 Ext 3561 and 3210

mexican breakfast machaca

Sunday Bruch at our Country Club

Start your Sunday morning the best way with our traditional Sunday Brunch at our Country Club. 

Every Sunday from 8am to 1pm. Cost: $250 MXN.

For more informaion call 669. 989.69.69 Ext. 3481

Breakfast Buffet ocean view

Suday Brunch at La Concha Restaurant

The most famous Brunch in Mazatlán! Come and enjoy our delicious options for beakfast for only $280 MXN!

From 7am to 2pm.

For more information call 669.989.69.69 Ext. 3561 and 3210



Get our recipes and make your own version!

Filet Mignon

If you come to Mazatlán you must try our version of Filet Mignon at El Alcázar Restaurant. Or get the recipe and surprise your family and friends with this amazing dish!

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Filete Mignon Corte de Carne

Seafood Enchiladas

The tradititional Mexican dish with a twist! Try them on your next visit or make your own version. Get our recipe and be the star of your reunions!

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Plate Of Enchiladas