Saumon Sauce Bonne Femme Et Ses Légumes Sautés

Íle de France located at Ventus at Marina El Cid Spa & Beach Resort in Riviera Maya will delight your palate with delicious French cuisine. Don’t miss the opportunity to prepare yourself this dish with your friends and family.


*Ingredients for one serving*

  • (200 g) Salmon
  • (8 oz) Fish Fumet
  • Polenta
  • (2 slices) Beetroot & Microgreen
  • (1) Baby zucchini & eggplant

Let’s Do This

1 – Wash and disinfect vegetables

2 – Diced vegetables in a third and sauté them in olive oil

3 – Cook the salmon inside the Fish Fumet until is well cooked

4 – Present the dish with the salmon and vegetables along with a sauce made of Fish Fumet and orange juice and whipped cream