Mazatlán: With Faster Connectivity for Tourists

Mazatlán is pleased to announce the inauguration of the new beltway that intersects with the Durango highway that will connect the Airport with the newest tourist area of the destination, located by Marina El Cid and Marina Mazatlán.

This important infrastructure project is an improvement for the city, shortening distances for national and international tourists to only 20 minutes without having to cross through the city, making for an incredible first impression of the destination. 

Starting its construction on February 2018, this beltway will benefit the 465,000 Mazatlán residents and the surrounding picturesque towns of Concordia and El Rosario, and more than one million tourists that visit Mazatlán each year arriving to the airport. With two lanes, this project will allow the daily traffic of 1,600 vehicles.

This modern access goes along with the recently renovated actions that the destination has concluded of its most important tourist attractions like the enchanting Historic District, the Boardwalk; the largest in Latin America, the Golden Zone, Mazatlán’s Lighthouse; the highest in the world, and more.

Mazatlán will experience a before and after effect with this project, improving the vacation experience of the arriving tourists who will find a modern destination full of beautiful attractions, exquisite cuisine of international fame and its well-known service, distinctive of the Pearl if the Pacific. Come on over and enjoy the beauty of this beach destination with El Cid Resorts.