Conservation Plays a Key Role at El Cid Resorts

We are pleased to announce that El Cid Resorts in Riviera Maya was recognized by the City of Puerto Morelos located in the State of Quintana Roo for its outstanding participation in the 2019 sea turtle program by having protected 1,644 eggs, released 1,359 offspring and protecting a total of 14 nests.

On the other hand, we gladly announce that three honeycombs were rescued and relocated. There is a significant concern about the situation of bees in the world and El Cid in Riviera Maya joined in promoting the conservation of native bees (nanotrigonas sp.) Also called meliponas and the rescue and relocation of introduced bees (Apis sp. ).

Their ecological work is a priority for the world, so the actions to relocate these bees goes beyond protection and helps the environmental conservation of the planet. The shelter of these bee colonies was located in the conservation zone of El Cid.

Periodically and with expert advice, follow-up will be given to ensure the growth and preservation of the colony. The reintroduction of native species (those that do not bite) to an area within the hotel is in process to serve as representative and demonstrative apiary.

El Cid will continue to work hard for ecology.