A Guide to Mazatlán’s Historic District

Did you know that Mazatlán is well known as the Only Colonial City on the Beach in México? This means that you will enjoy the best of both worlds when visiting this destination: pristine beaches and a colorful Historic District full of history and culture.

Discover with us the places you can’t miss at Mazatlán’s Historic District:

Machado Square

This place is the heart of the Historic District. Built in 1837, it is the oldest and most popular town squares in Mazatlán. On its surroundings you will be able to find restaurants with fine cuisine, bars, coffee shops, live performances, music, handcrafts and more.

Cathedral of the Inmaculate Conception

It is Mazatlán’s principal religious structure since its construction in 1899. This place has neogothic art accented by neoclassic influences, with beautiful towers and majestic design. This is definitely a place you can’t miss!

Angela Peralta Theater

This is the scenario of all the cultural live of Mazatlán. This beautiful place built in 1874 is considered one of the finest historic opera houses in the country. PS: if you come to Mazatlán check Cultura Mazatlán’s website to see if there is any event available you can attend or just visit this place to be amazed by its beauty (PS: inside the theater you will find a museum dedicated to the opera singer “Angela Peralta”)

Museums (Art and Archaeological Museum)

On the colorful streets of the Historic District you will find these two important museums. The first one contains the work of important and influential artists such as Rufino Tamayo, Antonio López Sáenz, etc.

The Archaeological Museum offers a perspective of regional culture. A must-see place!

Olas Altas

Olas Altas is the beach part of the Historic District and one of the most important scenarios of Carnival. This place is perfect to take a walk while admiring stunning sunsets. Along this place will find restaurants, bars and coffee shops.

Angel Flores Street

This is one of the most iconic and colorful streets of this zone. This place is perfect to take the perfect selfie.

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